About Us

How it all began

What started as a prank, sneaking ornaments on my friend’s plants—became an incredibly positive reminder that we could all use more laughter and good vibes in our everyday lives.

Plant Good Vibes is about putting smiles on faces and giving plants some much needed personality. Especially if you don't have pets.

Whether you are looking to plant good vibes in your own home or someone else’s, there’s always a smile at the other end 🌈

Plant it Forward

Our products are made to be gifted and shared with others. We encourage you to plant good vibes on your friends, your favourite coffee shop, and neighbours who have rad plants 👍 It’s totally cool to hog them all for yourself though.

Our Beleaf

We are plant people, and we believe in the power of plants. Horticulture has been proven to improve mental well-being 🌱. We want to encourage plant parenthood, and make it fun. Our products are made to add personality to your plants and enrich your relationship with them.