Magnet Plant Pins

As plant lovers, we dreamt to add personality to all our potted pals. These plant-safe plant pin charms are designed to bring your plants alive. Now it will be slightly less weird when you talk to your plants like they are your babies 🌱

"The best vibes"

From the moment I saw it (and it saw me ha ha), I had to have it. Great design and adds such a fun look to my plants.



They are super sturdy without damaging your plant. I have mine on my pothos and it looks super cute. Puts a smile on my face every time I walk by it.


Purchase was easy and shipping was fast! Bought a 4-pack for my girlfriend she thinks they're awesome.



I can't wait to make this a game and sneakily place one on a plant at our friend's house


Good Vibrations

We’re on a mission to shower the 🌎 with positivity and joy. We can always use more of it. Put a smile on your face, a friend’s, or your plant!


may good vibes be with you

happy customers