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👍 Good Vibes Guarantee

Every item is backed by our GVG®. If your product has some sub-par vibes, send it back to our team. We'll test it on the Vibe-O-Meter® 🔬 and see what went wrong. Oh also, we’ll totally give you a replacement or a refund. No worries.

♻️ Minimal Plastic

Our products are created, stored, shipped with minimal use of plastics only where necessary. We strive to leave a minimal footprint through our manufacturing process and do our part for the 🌍

🌱 Safe for Plants

We know you love your plants, even more than your own mother. Don’t worry we won’t tell her. We developed our easy to use magnet and non-toxic materials, to be safe for your plants. They’re as gentle as a ladybug 🐞 sunbathing on a monstera leaf.

Like Magic

Attach your pin with our PlantSafe Magnet to the backside of your plant. The magnet is double-sided. Strong on the front 💪, weak on the back. Like a magnet-mullet: One side for thicker leaves, the other for more delicate plants.

Pass the Vibes

Vibes are meant to be shared, surprise a friend when they’re not looking. We only have two rules #1 Don’t get caught. #2 Listen to our theme song first 🔊. Oh yah and if you could tag us on insta it really helps us out.

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